Welcome to Stade

The Hanseatic Energy Hub is an import terminal that secures Germany’s supply of LNG and green gases while preparing for the market ramp-up of hydrogen.

The hub is based on a future-flexible modular system for the green energy transition that maximizes the diverse opportunities offered by the Stade energy region and brings them together.

In the first expansion phase 2027, an emission-free terminal for LNG, bio-LNG and SNG (synthetic natural gas, artificially produced LNG) will begin operating in the existing industrial park.

This land-based terminal will commence operation as an ammonia-ready facility. The scheme is being planned and delivered so that the market ramp-up of hydrogen can be supported in a modular fashion.

In early 2024, Stade is also set to become the location for one of five Floating Storage and Regasification Units (FSRUs) chartered by the German federal government. 

The Hanseatic Energy Hub’s shareholders are the Buss Group, the Partners Group (on behalf of its clients), Enagás and Dow.