Hanseatic Energy Hub launches market test for ammonia

• More than 80 percent of LNG capacities marketed in the long term with later option for ammonia as hydrogen-based energy source

• Market test to substantiate need for parallel ammonia import via additional tank

Stade – With 10 billion m³/a of LNG long-term capacity allocated, the commercial marketing of the Hanseatic Energy Hub has been largely completed, and the project is now pushing ahead with the parallel ramp-up of hydrogen. The basis for this is a future-flexible modular system for the green energy transition.

The land-based terminal in Stade is planned to be both technically and commercially ammonia-ready and is scheduled to go into operation in 2027. At the same time, there is the option of building an additional, smaller ammonia tank as part of the future-flexible modular system even before the large tanks are converted. As demand, schedule and design are largely dictated by market requirements, HEH is launching a market test for ammonia as a hydrogen-based energy source in the coming weeks.

"Stade is equipped to be flexible for the future and is technically ready to accompany the hydrogen ramp-up with ammonia from the very beginning," explains Johann Killinger, Managing Director and co-partner Hanseatic Energy Hub. "Via the market test, we can further concretise timing and design together with our customers."

Ammonia is already one of the most widely produced chemicals in the world and has many uses. After transport, it can be converted back to hydrogen or can be used directly as CO2-neutral fuel. Corresponding technologies are making rapid progress. Ammonia can also replace climate-damaging bunker oil as a marine fuel in future. 

The Hanseatic Energy Hub is a future-flexible modular system for the energy transition. In the first stage of expansion, LNG and green energy sources such as bio-LNG and synthetic natural gas (SNG) can be imported via the emission-free terminal from 2027. The planned regasification capacity is 13.3 billion m³/a. At the same time, the terminal, port, industrial park and connection infrastructure are designed in such a way that a conversion to ammonia as a hydrogen-based energy source can take place in a modular fashion.

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