Next milestone: Binding open season in summer

HEH´s Commercial Director Danielle Stoves outlines the further development of the Stade LNG terminal at Flame international gas conference

Amsterdam / Stade - Things are moving quickly: after the Hanseatic Energy Hub in Stade became Germany’s first LNG project to successfully start both approval processes for the terminal and port, the project team is now focusing on the further commercial development of the zero-emission terminal. As early as summer 2022, international market participants will be given an opportunity to submit binding requests for booking terminal capacity as part of a Binding Open Season.

"The response to our expression-of-interest process in April has been extremely positive. Demand in the market is high and HEH is already in an advanced position with very detailed information available on the commercial and technical elements of the terminal. We’re therefore working at full speed to finalize the terms and conditions for the Binding Open Season to enable customers to secure capacity," explains Danielle Stoves, Commercial Director Hanseatic Energy Hub, talking today at the "Flame" international gas conference in Amsterdam.

Leading German energy company EnBW recently announced their intention to book capacity to allow them to import at least three billion cubic meters of natural gas per year (bcma) via the Hanseatic Energy Hub. To this end, both partners have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The Stade LNG terminal will have a total capacity of 13.3 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year, which corresponds to around 15 percent of Germany's gas demand.

The HEH consortium comprising Fluxys, Partners Group and Buss Group has recently been expanded to include Dow, Germany's largest electrolysis hydrogen producer and an immediate neighbour in the Stade industrial park. The hub has been initially designed for LNG and low-carbon energy sources such as bio-LNG and synthetic methane. As global supply grows, it will later also be ready to import carbon-neutral energy sources such as ammonia. Particular features of the site in Stade industrial park include the considerable synergies with Dow, the existing infrastructure and the strategically excellent location a short distance from the German pipeline network.

About HEH

The Hanseatic Energy Hub (HEH) is a terminal for liquefied natural gases at the Stade industrial site. The independent hub diversifies German industry's long-term import needs for affordable energy. In the initial expansion stage, a zero-emission LNG terminal is set to go into operation from 2026, with infrastructure also approved for bio-LNG and SNG. The planned regasification capacity is 13.3 bcm/a, with a send-out capacity of 21.7 GWh/h. With the development of new climate-neutral energy sources, the hub will also facilitate the import of hydrogen-based energy carriers. HEH shareholders  are the Buss Group, Fluxys and Partners Group, as well as Dow.

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