LNG-Terminal: Hanseatic city of Stade grants early municipal approval

Stade, 29. March 2022. The council of the Hanseatic City of Stade has granted early municipal approval for the planned LNG terminal in the Bützfleth district of Stade. With a large majority, the committee sent a clear message of support for the Hanseatic Energy Hub. The project is backed by Fluxys, the PG Group and the Buss Group.

“The war in Ukraine shows very clearly how urgently Germany needs to diversify its energy imports. LNG terminals can play an important role in this,” explains Mayor of Stade, Sönke Hartlef. “By granting early municipal approval, we want to make it clear that we in Stade are behind the Hanseatic Energy Hub project and that planning for the site is already at an advanced stage.” In view of the wide agreement on the matter – with only three dissenting votes – council chairman Karsten Behr (CDU) agrees with the decision to grant municipal approval at yesterday’s meeting, on Monday, 28 March: “It was always a political priority that Stade remain an energy centre. The politicians in Stade have now made it clear, across party lines and almost unanimously, how important the planned LNG terminal is not only for our city, but for the entire of Germany.”

The Hanseatic City of Stade is aiming to become a hub for liquid energy produced from renewable sources – such as hydrogen – and thus contribute to the success of the energy transition. The planned terminal will play a key role in this, as it can initially be used for liquefied natural gas and biogas, and subsequently also for hydrogen, for example. “The establishment of the terminal will also make our city more attractive for further companies looking to relocate here in the future and will lay the foundations for the transition towards green energy supply and production,” says city planner Lars Kolk.

“We are, of course, very happy with the wide approval from the council of Stade. This is evidence of the great support we have enjoyed in the area and it strengthens our resolve to press ahead with the project. Our next goal is to get the application documents submitted before Easter,” says Manfred Schubert from the Hanseatic Energy Hub.

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